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Sacramento, CA Disinfecting & Sanitizing Services for Hotels & Resorts

Sacramento County, CA Since COVID-19, Hotel & Resort Disinfection and Protection is Vital!

Used for a large variety of activities and purposes, hotels and resorts are dependent upon by many people. They may be used for shelter, recreation or meetings with the same services being shared by a much broader variety of people from all over the world. In exchange, current times have made people much more conscious of their environment, raising their standards of cleanliness and comfort levels. While all hotels have their own housekeeping systems, it can instill additional trust in guests who are considering a stay in your establishment by incorporating disinfecting services.

Proactive Housekeeping Cleaning Services

Since the housekeeping program of each hotel has its own procedures, strategies and sets of cleanliness standards to uphold, disinfecting services can help by removing harmful pathogens to protect such a constantly rotating rooms. To further minimize the risk of spreading germs and bacteria, there are many high-touch areas and surfaces that may benefit from extra cleaning. Light switches, remotes, door handles, lobbies, gyms, toilets and buffets are particularly vulnerable to infectious viruses and can need increased attention during periods of high capacity. Hotels and resorts should take preventive steps to protect visitors by incorporating disinfecting facilities to their housekeeping activities.

Hotel and Resort Disinfectant and Sanitizer Spray Services Van in Sacramento County, CA

With so many options, it can be hard to differentiate the disinfecting services of one business from those of another. The patented systems of Legacy Protection California deliver alternative technologies for cleaning and disinfection with a brand new step of protecting!

Hotels and Resorts Need to Start Protecting

In order to tackle the spread of infectious diseases in many sectors, our goods and technologies are designed to take an environmentally friendly approach. These products are much more environmentally friendly than conventional products for cleaning, such as bleach, ammonia, etc. The patented spray from Legacy Protection California is used to thoroughly disinfect, deodorize, and clean households, workplaces, and public facilities. We spray into the air and on surfaces to treat bacteria, viruses, fungi, allergens, dust mites, etc. to directly denature hard surfaces. To prevent the buildup of microorganisms on surfaces. Our technicians are trained to effectively treat high-touch areas with our protectant too to further protect your hotel or motel. Click here to learn more about our protection spray and hand sanitizer!

Hotel and Resort Hand Sanitizer Pack in Sacramento, CA

Guests want to know you are disinfecting and protecting!

Guests choose to trust the hotel or resort they are staying at with a proper cleaning protocol and highly trained staff. Guests need to trust that the company will guarantee that the atmosphere will be as clean as, or better than, their own homes during their stay. All services, furnishings and surfaces are trusted to be clean and secure, which provides those who spend time and money there with peace of mind.

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