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COVID-19 Cleaning, Disinfecting, & Sanitizing Your Gym in Sacramento, CA

Sacramento County, CA Our Cleaning, Disinfecting, & Sanitizing Services during COVID-19

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, reopening preparations are being put in motion as corporations prepare for a changing environment. There are several elements to remember, but the first and most critical one is to create a clean and healthy atmosphere for the staff and members of your health club. Cleaning is not enough to accomplish that. As participants return to your gym, you will have to add more disinfecting and sanitizing to your routine. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention describes and defines cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing differently:

  • CLEAN: Washing, or cleaning, eliminates germs, impurities, and dirt from surfaces or objects by using soap (or detergent) and water to physically extract germs from surfaces. This method does not actually destroy germs, but it decreases their numbers and the risk of spreading infection by reducing them.
  • DISINFECT: The goal of disinfection is to target surfaces or objects and destroy germs. Disinfecting works by removing germs on surfaces by using chemicals. This method does not necessarily disinfect dirty surfaces or remove germs, but may help lower the risk of transmitting infection by destroying germs on a surface after washing.
  • SANITIZE: As judged by public health guidelines or specifications, sanitizing decreases the number of germs on surfaces or items to a healthy level.
  • PROTECT -> NEW: Our services utilize a product line that goes beyond our competition by offering an additional step - protection. Utilizing a patented, EPA-registered product line that creates a microscopic “shield” preventing certain microbes from growing on surfaces, we are doing the utmost to protect your gym for up to 90 days! Contact us to learn more.

This method works to lower the risk of spreading infection by either cleaning or disinfecting surfaces or objects.

Sacramento County, CA Don't Just Disinfect Your Gym - Protect it!

It's clear to see, with these CDC meanings in mind, that just cleaning won't cut it. Protection is what is needed! So let’s clean, disinfect, sanitize, and protect your appliances, door-knobs, and other high-touch areas. Our cutting-edge services offer a significant new cleaning practice that (when properly implemented) allows for partial reopening while government constraints continue to ease and will pave the way for your gym to fully open.

Your members will see our team working actively to clean your gym on a regular basis. We also have print materials available for you to post stating your new cleaning protocol that cleans, disinfects, sanitizes, and protects!

Commercial Disinfectant and Sanitizer Spray Services Van in Sacramento County, CA

Engaging Your Staff for Increased Results!

Add hand sanitizing stations and signage to encourage your members to help clean equipment after usage. However, members don't work as thoroughly as club workers. So making workers clean can be a more effective way to keep your gym clean and safe. We also offer hand sanitization services that when used by a member protect their hands for up to six hours!

Commercial Hand Sanitizer Pack in Sacramento, CA

Gym Cleaning - Where to begin?

We recommended that clubs begin their process of sanitization from the source of all cleaning - the cleaning closet. Begin by ensuring that housekeeping/laundry areas are kept clean and maintained. Locker rooms get all the attention as your members frequent those areas, but your cleaning closet is just as important and shouldn’t be overlooked. Mops, brooms, rags/towels, chemicals, and soaps all over the place provide a breeding ground, particularly on the floor, for bacteria and germs. We recommend treating all of these handles using our disinfection and protection services.

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Our Spray Services can help Gyms in these times

Some gyms are forcing members to book 90-minute appointment slots at their clubs as part of their reopening plan to allow personnel to wash down equipment between those time slots. After the 90-minute time slot, everyone had to exit. And then workers would have to clean the club for 30 minutes, clean up everything, and then they could invite the next party to come in. That is a lot of friction to incorporate on your members and we are confident in our cleaning processes that regular services using our product line will allow your gym to be appointment-free!

With our product, member cleaning actually can be kept to a minimum! Our protectant can be scrubbed away if washed too often, too vigorously, or with rough cleaning material. Instead, we highly recommend regular appointments by our team to clean, disinfect, sanitize, and protect. Thus, protecting your surfaces. In addition, we also recommend that all of your members use our hand sanitizer only once upon entry (since it lasts for up to six hours).

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